Strawberries in the Desert

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Feeling sad and finding solace

When I took these photos I felt happy.

I was glad to be back in Broken Hill, keen to explore the town we used to call home, looking forward to catching up with friends and eagerly preparing for a writing workshop.

The trees, plants and landscape of Broken Hill – both in town and out in the desert – bring me joy. I can’t explain why I love the place so much. I just do.

In the midst of joy, these photos brought me added pleasure.

Two days ago I heard that my application to leave Australia and visit family in England was rejected. No reason given, just a simple no, you’re not leaving. We won’t allow it.

Our borders won’t open until the pandemic wanes, or until enough Australians get vaccinated, and neither outcome is likely to happen in a hurry.

So, here I am back in Sydney, mourning the fact that I can’t visit family in England, turning to photographs to try and find a glimmer of joy.

It might seem odd that photographs from a mining town in Outback New South Wales should offer comfort when my heart longs to be in England.

But there’s something about the resilience of these plants, their beauty and their determination to survive, that lifts my spirits.

Somehow, in the midst of sorrow, these photos bring me solace.

6 comments on “Feeling sad and finding solace

  1. monsoonwendy
    June 8, 2021

    Oh Deb….so so sad to hear this. And so glad I was there when some of these photos were taken!


  2. Adele Hughes
    June 8, 2021

    Deb I was so sorry to read that you can’t visit your family. That’s really tough! Your photos are wonderful & I am pleased they give you some light 🙂 xx


    • debhuntwasinbrokenhill
      June 9, 2021

      Thanks Wendy, it was wonderful to share that walk in the desert with you, a highlight of the trip!


    • debhuntwasinbrokenhill
      June 9, 2021

      Thanks Adele, at least I’m not alone, I have Clyde and a lot to be thankful for. And thank you for the feedback on the photos, the light in Broken Hill is so clear. Hope you are well xx


  3. Keith & Jenny Treloar
    June 10, 2021

    Hi Deb, I tried to leave a comment, but dont think it went. You do a great job with the photos, they cheer us all up in this horrible epidemic, wintry weather to boot. Keep looking for that special little cottage in the Hill,then you can escape the city life whenever! I must say our trip to Adelaide went well, drs said there was a 91 % chance there was no problem, the small chance there could be would deal with whenever that crops up if it ever does. His heart was good, so we escaped as soon as we could. I can’t believe how Adelaide has grown since we were down there a couple of years ago, couldn’t wait to get out of it. The houses along the beach front are all two story lookalikes that have about 6 feet between them, what a life.! We are indeed the lucky ones out here in the donga. I was thinking of you and your writing session in the Hill, was pleased that Lynne was able to go.after the news of Jamies acciden Terrible cold windy weather here, never experienced anything like it, Flynn is doing his solos atMildura, can only do a few hours a day before being grounded. Luckily Simon Hoitzenrouder has given him his lovely boat to stay on, which is equipped with heaters, tvs in the rooms etc, so he is at least comfy at night, better than a motel room. Its very hard for you not to be able to get to London to see your family, but it will pass, and at least you still have communication, its like us with our Alice Springs family, lots of photos and email videos of the littlies keep us up to date. The local policeman from Yunta has come up and arranged Keiths drivers lice, pohotos etc from here by email, otherwise we have to drive to Port Pirie to have it done, they won’t accept Broken Hill licence photos, unbelievable in this day and age. The frost has got to my tomato plants, but still have heaps hanging on them, mostly green,still thinking about green tomato chutney,.

    Keith had the rest of his teeth out yesterday, a very nice dentists with the RFDS, from Sydney did it, had to do a bit more chiselling of the bone, but not as bad as it was the last lot. Lyn Mayne has had a nasty bout of the flu, but luckily recovered enough to go home to Tassie for the long weekend.

    Kepep the chin up, all things pass eventually. I think its time to get another pup ,they are great when you feel in need of a cheer up! Love from us all Jen and Keith xx

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    • debhuntwasinbrokenhill
      June 11, 2021

      Dear Jenny what a very generous message, there’s so much to comment on in it, I’ve emailed you a reply, much love to you, Keith and family xx


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