Strawberries in the Desert

Story telling from Australia

From Kenya to Clare

Two weekends ago we were on our way back from Nairobi. Last weekend I found myself in Clare, South Australia. That sounds like I got lost on the way to … Continue reading

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I could live in a cave

When Sydney gets too much I mumble darkly about leaving. ‘I’ll go and live in a field if I have to!’ Clyde waits for the storm to pass while I … Continue reading

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Robert was our guide during two days at Sabuk, a stone lodge in the hills in central Kenya, 90km north of the Equator. He’s pictured with Kumbau, an older warrior … Continue reading

November 18, 2016 · 12 Comments

The last time

I had no idea when I wrote ‘Until the Next Time’ that it would be ‘The Last Time’. I began this weekly blog over three years ago to share the … Continue reading

April 14, 2016 · 36 Comments

Until the next time

The holiday in Broken Hill is over and I’m left with the memory of Fiddlewood trees in flower. Each exquisite shock of scent from those tiny flowers could be traced … Continue reading

April 7, 2016 · 12 Comments

So that’s where it went

It’s the equivalent of someone leaving the gate open on a farm, only worse because this was deliberate. Someone let the water out of Menindee Lakes. A lake system that … Continue reading

April 1, 2016 · 16 Comments

What happened to all the water?

We’ve been in Broken Hill less than a week, and already this town has surprised me. I thought I knew what to expect – after all, we used to live … Continue reading

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