Strawberries in the Desert

Story telling from Australia

Love in the Outback




The true story of a tree-hugging vegetarian from a small English village who gave up a job she hated, stopped stalking a man who wasn’t interested and moved to Australia to work for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. She ended up living in the remote mining town of Broken Hill, where everything she thought she knew about life and love was turned on its head.




3 comments on “Love in the Outback

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  2. Janice Turner
    September 13, 2014

    I loved your book, completely and utterly, was sad to finish it. Makes me want to relocate to Broken Hill myself at 49.


  3. debhuntinbrokenhill
    September 13, 2014

    Hello Janice, thanks so much for your feedback and I’m very glad you enjoyed reading Love in the Outback – I can recommend life in Broken Hill!


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I'm a writer based in Australia with a passion for gardening, remote places and people with a story to tell.

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