Strawberries in the Desert

Story telling from Australia

Urban agriculture

“My name is Thorin Beowulf and I’m doing a masters on the motivation for engaging in urban agriculture. Would you like to participate in my research?” With a name like … Continue reading

June 27, 2014 · 9 Comments

No Naughty Bits?

What on earth made me say it? And having said it, WHY didn’t I retract it? Here’s what happened. I was interviewed by Macca last Sunday. For anyone not familiar … Continue reading

June 26, 2014 · 8 Comments

An ounce of home

Ben Huberman posed this question (and thanks to Barbara Pyett for re-blogging): You’re embarking on a yearlong round-the-world adventure and can take only one small object with you to remind … Continue reading

June 20, 2014 · 2 Comments

This is the BEST example of customer service

I live in Australia and my sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews all live in England. Sending presents from Australia to England is expensive so I rely on the internet. It’s my … Continue reading

June 20, 2014 · 9 Comments

How to rid your garden of woodlice

I was so impressed by what I learnt at Balmain’s community garden last weekend that I had to share the following tip on how to rid your garden of woodlice. Woodlice are … Continue reading

June 19, 2014 · 4 Comments

Who needs winter?

Why do some plants lose their leaves in winter and others don’t? I know the science (sort of). I accept some plants are deciduous and others evergreen, but why? Why … Continue reading

June 12, 2014 · 17 Comments

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