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Fifty shades of Shiraz

We grow grapes. We even get to eat them when we can outwit the birds. The green table grapes are delicious, like a glass of elderflower champagne at an English spring wedding. The dark variety are more like a wake in the middle of winter. I’d rather drink purple grapes than eat them.

Two weeks ago following a rummage in Clyde’s study I found the last bottle of red wine in the house. ‘Did you buy this?’ I asked, not recognising the label. Clyde shook his head. ‘Maybe it was a gift,’ he said.

I unscrewed the top, splashed a heavy glug into the gravy I was stirring and poured myself a glass. The first sip took me prisoner, the second held me captive. It was like being locked in a cellar with a secret lover, plunged into a deep dark cave with cushions and Persian rugs. And handcuffs.

I drank half the bottle at dinner, even offered Clyde a glass. ‘No thanks,’ he said. Of course, I thought, you don’t drink. (Oh be still my greedy selfish skipping heart!) I sent up a silent thank you to whoever gave us the bottle and shuddered at the thought we could have taken it to a dinner party where I would have been forced to share the spoils. I finished the bottle the next night.

The winemaker’s website showed no sign of the label so I rang. ‘Sorry, that was a special for a wine club.’ I joined the club. There’s no point telling you the name of the wine because I bought the last two cases, at an absurdly cheap price, but I will tell you it was made by John Duval, who used to make wine for Penfolds.

I hope I never get to meet him I’d probably have to lock him in the cellar.

And throw away the keys to the cuffs.

6 comments on “Fifty shades of Shiraz

  1. monsoonwendy
    March 15, 2013

    And being locked in the cellar with you and handcuffs could be John’s idea of a really good time? You could have had a SMALL dinner party though. You weren’t sad drinking such shudderingly gorgeous wine alone? No? Right then. Loved this post Deb. Can’t wait for the book!!!


    • debhuntinbrokenhill
      March 15, 2013

      It was mean-spirited wasn’t it? And I loved every drop. With two crates there’s now a (slim) chance you’ll get to sample it.


  2. Louise Rice
    March 15, 2013

    Have you been reading ‘fifty shades ‘ ???? Xxx

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. michelle
    April 16, 2013

    love this Deb! (though it’s making me want a nice glass of vino and it’s only 1pm on a tuesday…probably not an appriopriate time to start drinking no matter how good the grapes…)


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