Strawberries in the Desert

Story telling from Australia

BORROW Dream Wheeler FREE on Kindle

For a strictly limited time only Dream Wheeler by Deb Hunt can be borrowed FREE on kindle. Check out the reviews below and, if you enjoy reading it, please take the time to post your own review on Amazon. Thank you!


Just wanted to send you a little note to say congratulations on Dream Wheeler.  I couldn’t put it down!  What an inspirational read. I could hardly do any work today, I just had to sit in the sun and immerse myself in your book – totally loved it! What an amazing woman! What a wonderful lady!!! And through your book, she’s been able to touch the lives of so many people she will never even meet. What a great legacy.  Jo Fulwood

Such a wonderful story, and beautifully told. An ideal read for a lazy, wet Sunday.
Lisa McFayden

I spent two mornings “devouring” Dream Wheeler. What a wonderful story of an obviously very courageous woman. I felt all of Jane’s emotions as she struggled to come to terms with living in her derelict ‘dream’ home, and her on again, off again relationship with Rene. Beautiful story, well written and an absorbing read.  Helen T

I loved this book, was hooked from the first page and couldn’t put it down, didn’t want it to end.
Rachel Wells

Such an affectionate portrayal of a fantastic human being. Jane is everything we all strive to be – warm, generous, courageous, funny, determined, upbeat and, most of all, eternally optimistic. Hers is truly an extraordinary life, and I think what the author does so well is to tell Jane’s story without pity but with heartfelt admiration for a life well lived. Quite often I forgot all about the daily struggles Jane must have because most of the time she seems to be having so much fun, and that’s what makes this such an inspiring read. Anyone with a love of gardening will also revel in the author’s descriptions of Jane’s patch of earth that she transforms into a glorious and productive garden. Kate F

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I'm a writer based in Australia with a passion for gardening, remote places and people with a story to tell.

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