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I don’t normally re-blog posts but this article on bees is fascinating, it’s full of interesting facts and a call to action to help save bees from the harmful effects of bee killing pesticides.

From Goats To Soaps

bees-at-the-rose bees-at-the-rose / (public domain image)

honey honey

To many, the iconic sound of a contented summer day is the soft hum of a honeybee as it drones in and out of blossoms. Most of us think of the product of that sleepy buzz as sweet golden honey. And of course, honey is what the bee has on its mind as it busily goes from flower to flower. It lands to drink nectar from the bloom’s centre, and to fill its small baskets (attached to its second and third sets of legs) with the blossom’s pollen.

bees-flowers-pollen / (public domain image) bees-flowers-pollen / (public domain image)

beehive-with-bees-flying-around-them / (public domain image) beehive-with-bees-flying-around-them / (public domain image)

Only after all four baskets are filled with pollen and its stomach with nectar will it fly back to the hive to deliver its share of honey’s vital ingredients to its sisters. But while it is working to fill those baskets, each time…

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2 comments on “HERE’S TO THE HONEYBEE

  1. bkpyett
    July 7, 2015

    Deb, this is a really important post. Our bees are affected here in Australia too, and, like climate change, must be recognised for the continued food production to feed the world.Thanks for posting this one! 🙂 Noticing a lot of the new gardens, flowers are no longer fashionable! Our gardens are all important. I notice bees love the old fashioned things like borage and lavender that have such long flowering seasons.


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