Strawberries in the Desert

Story telling from Australia


Cyclist at Bondi Junction by David Moir

Cyclist at Bondi Junction by David Moir

December was the wettest month for more than a century in the UK. English tourists hoping to escape the long winter nights and torrential flooding may have considered a trip to Australia. Ditch the umbrella grab the sunnies and head to the beach, bro! I hope they checked the forecast first.

Sydney was a soggy mess this week. In four days we had 25, 52, 60 and 42 mm of rain. That’s seven inches. Double that fell on some coastal areas north and south of the city. Parts of Newcastle were under water, heavy rain fell over northern Queensland and Lake Eyre is filling.

Broken Hill remained defiantly dry.

DSC00144Four days of heavy rain caused a few problems in the garden. Drenched tomato plants I should have staked were smashed, drains temporarily blocked and the climbing rose being attacked by black spot stands little chance of survival now.

DSC00145I’m not complaining. The citrus trees have never looked greener, the hydrangea shimmered with joy and plump cucumbers will soon to be ready to pick.

There’s a frangipani at the back of the house. It defies several laws of gravity and gardening by growing out of the base of a sandstone cliff, stretched across our courtyard at such an acute angle I don’t know how it’s still standing. The downpour brought heavily scented flowers fluttering down like snow.

DSC00143There’s always a bright side.

So if you’re a tourist and your swimmers and your sunnies are still in your suitcase, head to Broken Hill. You’ll find all the sunshine you need, a wonderful community to welcome you and a great open-air swimming pool.


Take some rain with you and they’ll be eternally grateful.











2 comments on “25-52-60-42

  1. Eliza Waters
    January 8, 2016

    The weather has certainly been surprising all around the globe – heaven help us!


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