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Mr Christmas lives in Balmain. Not many people know that.

Some people think Santa lives at the North Pole, but those of you who follow this blog – and who may have read his signboards – know that home for Mr Christmas is a small hardware shop on Darling Street, NSW 2041.

He lives right here in the southern hemisphere.

Mr Christmas doesn’t normally smile much, presumably because he’s a very busy man, but he happily posed for the camera yesterday and he even cracked a smile, maybe because he’d already sold out of Christmas lights and it was only the 8th of December.

img_3790At this time of year, when so many of my close family are thousands of miles away in England, I think a lot about ‘home’ and the family celebrations they’re planning. I miss them more than at any other time.

To make matters worse, friends we would normally celebrate Christmas with will be away this year, so I’ve been feeling a tad lost.

And as so often happens when I’m musing on something, Mr Christmas had the answer on his signboard – even if it was with a spelling mistake.


It made me think of how glad I am to have a home that I share with someone I love.

So I went straight home and decorated the Christmas tree – which had been standing empty and forlorn for several days – and for the first time ever it’s not a real fir. I’ve finally accepted that fir trees don’t cope well in thirty-degree heat.

I thought about family as the baubles were hung and the lights went on, and the only one not impressed was Maggie the domesticated dingo, whose bed had to be moved to make way for what I can now see is the best tree we’ve ever had.


I’m looking forward to Christmas because my home is right here in Sydney.

And I’m blessed to share it with those I love.




5 comments on “Home

  1. monsoonwendy
    December 9, 2016

    Namaste lovely. I will get “home” just before Christmas and moves between “homes” to celebrate. My parents have sold our family “home” and a break in meant our darling daughter has had to move from her “home”. And, as you know, I write from the other “home”. It’s the people who make us blest isn’t it? Thanks for blessing us Deb!


    • debhuntwasinbrokenhill
      December 11, 2016

      So sorry to hear your daughter had a break-in and had to move, poor thing. You more than anyone know the value of people in making a home and the trick of finding a way to feel ‘at home’ wherever you are. Blessed is best! Safe travels from one home to another and Merry Christmas x


  2. Eliza Waters
    December 10, 2016

    ‘Home is where the heart is,’ they say. Nice to read a post from you. Merry Christmas!


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