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No wonder we’re experts!

I was serving at the CWA tea rooms at the Easter Show today and I’ll be back there next Tuesday. Wonderful community and the best scones in Sydney. Don’t miss them!


CWA SconesI am in Sydney this week to spend some time volunteering alongside hundreds of other members (and several ‘ring-ins’) from across NSW at the CWA Tea Rooms in the Arts & Crafts Pavilion at the Royal Easter Show. Being here in the State Office has also afforded me the opportunity to indulge in some old fashioned “surfing” through past Country Woman Journals to research the beginnings of our show kiosk, as it was originally called.

What I found was not only interesting, but also a little surprising.

The following is an excerpt from the May 1947 edition written by the President of the day, Bertha Mac Smith.

“After surmounting many difficulties, we at last have our own corner at the Royal Easer Show. For some time we have been asking the Royal Agricultural Society to make space available for us, but it was actually not very long before Easter that…

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  1. What a buzz!

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